Monday, February 26, 2007

French hand beading is something I have wanted to try for a long long time and finally got the courage to start over the weekend. I must admit that it took a few times to get the stitches to lie down at an angle. I chose to mark the fabric with thread. Will not do this again as it is so hard to remove after without distorting the fabrics, but will mark lightly with an hb pencil. This is a design by Ruth Wilson published in an older issue of Country Craft. Her clear and precise descriptions made this a pleasure to work on. This is as far as I have gotten in two days and have it set up on the lap frame. I will keep posted as this seems to be my calling, this week anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Linda this French beading is fantastic...esp in your talented hand and with love of beads, it will become a thing of true beauty.
Hugs from Pam