Monday, February 26, 2007

Beadkniiting is one of my favourite ways to pass an afternoon. I even enjoy threading the beads onto the size 8 perle cotton and then counting them off as I knit. I just have a problem with putting the necklace on and finishing them up. These were knit last year and are now finished as of this weekend. I took the time thanks to a challenge to finish them and now I can proudly display them. This one is hunter green dark, with dark multi-colouted beads and a self bead strap with trim.

Knitting with verigated perle cotton was something that I wanted to try after seeing a beautiful scallop purse knit by my friend Janet and she did it in verigated. I did knit the purse, but gave it away before pictures were taken. I think this is suttle shading. It is done with verigated perle and glass seed beads, necklace same bads as fringe.

I used a powder blue perle cotton and glass seed beads on this little purse with a flap. It was very simple to do, but I did miss the jabot swag, and may even add a self tassel fringe to the bottom centre when I have looked at it again.

These are all lined up on a white background with the purse that started it all. The little black swag purse. I have knit and given a lot of these little purses away. I think I will keep these ones for now. I can almost picture a frame with them hanging in it.

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