Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The beauty of champagne crocheted with the everlasting love of pineapple crochet and combined with the shell stitch has turned this work of art by Leisure Arts into a piece of art that I would do again and again.

I must admit that the pattern is very simple until you get to the pineapples and then you have to watch each row, but the ravelling and re=crocheting were well worth the effort, this is my favourite by far. It will be lined with an antique wwhite slip. Both of the gowns on this blog are true labours of love as the time involved is starting from one ball of thread to completion.


Anonymous said...

Linda, just viewed you heirloom work...what can I say? Stunning just is not good enough words...real beautiful work indeed.

The work just shouts LOVE!!!
Hugs Pam

Beadin' Gram said...

Absolutely gorgeous, Linda. You always do such wonderful work --- congratulations on the completions of such labor intese work -- albeit a labor of love.

platitudinal said...

I had a wonderful time looking through all your beautiful works. You are an amazing and skilled craftster.

Raven Maiden said...

STUNNING work!!!