Friday, February 01, 2008

Art bra Wallhanging Block 2008

I stitched almost every day and some of the evening on this block. It finished at eight inches and is pieced at nine to stitch at eight and half inches.

I truly enjoyed the theme this year of butterflies and spring. It makes the storm that is headed our way this evening seem a whole lot easier to bear. I started with a sprig of lavender and tied it with a 15mm organza bow. I used overdyed brown caron wildflowers for the sprigs and a deep purple silk ribbon for the lavender........the organza bow is from Bucilla. I then moved to another wedge and embroidered a wandering rose and two buds. I used wildflowers spruce for the stem and veins and silkribbon that is a series ofoverdyed yellows for the rose and the two rose buds, the green is from Bucilla. I used a challenge of herringbone stitches and finished with a cascade of flowers on top. I used a lot of small embellishments and miniature butterlies as well as the word " HOPE", and that is something we can never forget, " HOPE" for a cure and ""HOPE" that we live to see a cure in our lifetime, we have come a long way. I also added a three dimensional butterfly in the centre that is touched with yellow to represent both peace and the daffodil that is the actual flower for cancer. I truly enjoyed working on this block and found the charms, buttons and beads all seemed to blend in. Hope it works. If I were to do anything different on this one it would have been to have a large butterfly with a swirl of miniature roses flowing from behind. I saw this on a website once with gorgeous porcelain butterflies and the work was out of this world, wish I could remember where.

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