Sunday, April 13, 2008

Marianna's Block Challenge

One of my special angel friends Marianna came back from conference last year and went about piecing blocks from fabrics she had obtained and overdyed.

She asked if any of us would take a block and embellish it for her and I very willingly did as I love a challenge and there appeared to be a long time to work on this. I did not allow for family time etc.

As I stitched on the block I made great use of the herringbone stitch and then took it a bit further and decided to add some daisies and hand embroidery. When I felt a bit of confilict come into the block I thought of what I would do if this needed filling so I added a silk lady, put some nice trim around her and worked from there out. I now had a theme in place. I crocheted a little pink dimensional butterfly and attached this. I also worked some pearl roundelles and added little clippings of victorian style hearts. I did some silk ribbon work and added seamed treatements with beads, ribbons and strings of beads.

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