Monday, October 06, 2008

Pictured above is my work done on Sherry's round robin block. I added an iridescent poinsettia to the centre of a green arc. I then added metallic braid and beads. I did a herringbone stitch around and stopped it with beads, I followed with a yli midnight base of Cretan stitches.

On the Candy cane I added a dimensional bow and put a spray of beads in the centre. I worked a seam along the side in feather stitch.

On the opposite side I did some rushed ribbon and overlapped it with bouquet's of beads in gold and green. I added the green with red thread so that they would show up more.

I then added a rusched green ribbon wreath and beaded size 15 seed beads for berries and added a large puff bow.

I could have gone on but there is not a lot of space for the next stitch er to work on this block so I will wrap it with love and mail it away. I love the challenge of working on a patterned background.

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

Very nice! I love the Christmas theme. Really makes me want to get busy(er) on my Christmas projects.