Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bean Bags for the Nursing Home

I will do some instructional pictures over the weekend as once again we are promised snow. While at the nursing home with dh's last week visiting I asked the recreation director what I could sew for her. Her eyes grew very large as she said " sew ". I said yes, what can I make for you that you could use. She responded with bean bags. She had just tossed some tattered ones out.

I sat down this evening and in less than two hours have double lined and filled 16 bean bags and will share my basic pattern with you.


1 - yard of flannel - bright patterns are the best.
1 - yard of heavy broadcloth
2 - 2kg bags of long grain rice.

For 16 bags here is how I cut my fabric.

I took the broadcloth and cut it into 6 inch strips and sewed them together leaving an opening for turning. I then added one cup of rice to each bag and serged the edge closed.

I then took the flannel and cut it into 7 inch strips. I sewed on three sides then about an inch in or each side on the top, inserted the rice bag and topstitched closed. I did all of the work on the machine as these will be used by seniors and take a hard toss.

I must admit that I speed sew and sew in multiples so here is my recipe for making them quickly.

Tear lining fabric into 6 inch strips.
Seam long sides together.
Cut into 6 inch sections.
Sew bottoms on each one, fast feeding one behind the other through the machine.

Add rice = serge across opening, set aside.

I do the cover the same way.

Cut strips into 7 inch widths.
Seam long sides
Cut into 7 inch sections
Seam bottom and in a bit from each side on the top, add the rice bag, and stitch the top closed.

I will add some pictures over the weekend.

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Donna W said...

Just wondering..what would they use bean bags for...exercise? It is an easy project to do and I might be interested in doing some for a nursing home near here. You are an inspiration.
Thanks so much