Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Legend of the Prayer Bear

In a little valley between two mountains in the beautiful province of Nova Scotia lived a special little bear. His name was " Amen ".
"Amen " was created out of purple elegant and assorted fabrics into what was to be called a crazy quilt bear. Seams were lovingly stitched and fabrics placed just so on a muslin backing and sent on a tour of several Canadian provinces.

When he first started his journey he was wrapped up in muslin, placed in a protective bag and sent off to Mary Anne, who lovingly added some stitches to the seams that would hold " Amen " together. Mary Anne worked her magic and with a wish and a prayer "Amen " the little bear was once again on his way.
"Amen" loved to travel, but the stops at the post office and the thump, thump of the cancelling machine were weighing heavy on him as he was started to get some beadwork and precious stones added to his body. Handle with care had to be written.

Post office officials would wonder why each time they went to cancel the postage on a package marked assorted fabrics, no value, the sound of a little growl would come out from inside. Not wanting to admit that any of them were totally losing their minds and working overtime they let the time pass and forwarded the Parcel on to Jan .

Jan loved this little bear and she knew there was going to be more work to be done on him and she added her unique touches to this little creature and then said a prayer, " Amen ", all done and he is ready to be placed in an envelope and sent on his way.

He traveled back to Ontario to make a stop at Marie's and he was not at all pleased with that trip as he was getting heavier and heavier and the postal clerks were tossing him into the air and letting him fall onto the conveyer belt without any consideration for the little life that was inside. Even the postal worker said " Amen ", I am through for the night", and he went home. The little bear spent the night in a Canada Post bag amongst other large parcels that talked as well.

Some of the parcels, like him, were marked " recycled fabrics ", no value, but the little bear knew better. At the stroke of midnight they awoke and started to talk amongst themselves and a crazy quilting conference was held in the local post office.

There was a fan block that had agone across the seas and she was so tired of being packed and placed in one bag after another that all she wanted to do was go home and find a place for her, but she did not know what she would become.

A fancy white block with all types of gorgeous laces and beads piped up and said, I know where I am going. I am going to be a wedding pillow. I will be loved and passed down for ages and ages" and the little fan cried.

"Amen" could not deal with the site of tears rolling out from under the edges of the envelope and asked if it were alright if he made a suggestion. "Miss Fan...I can see you being held by regal and grand people to ward off bad dreams and cover the face of a beautiful geisha lady. You will have tassels hung from the arc and be held in highest esteem. " " Do you think so " Amen", said the little fan. I know so " Amen " said" as I am the only one here with eyes and I can read what is written in your notebook."

"Well, if we are all so important and have a place of honor in someone’s heart and home, then why are we marked " recycled fabric, no value ", said the green block, " Yes, said the other blocks all piping in at the same time.

"Amen" said I can answer that question. I remember when my creator was making me she thought long and hard about whether or not to put all of me or part of me in the mail as this was going to be a two- part round robin. She only sent out the back of me the first time, and now I have the fronts with eyes and can see where I am headed." "But what does that mean, I do not know what a round robin is "perked up another glittering block in the corner.

I know the answer to that one a vintage victorian block answered. A round robin is where you piece together pieces that someone else would have set aside or tossed out as left overs and make a magnificent block. You then find several people that you can trust and send it along and they work their magic on the seams. When one is done, they forward it along to the next one, and so on, until the block eventually gets back to whoever created you.

"Then why are we marked recylced and no value" said a sassy purple and red hat block from the bottom of the pile. "I know how important I am to my owner. I have her mom’s purple dress, her daughter’s hot red prom gowns, and laces and buttons from years of collection, and I am not going to call myself recycled."

"Amen " stretched out his arms and said..........we are all loved this much and what one person considers trash ,crazy quilters consider treasures. They take pieces of the past and create them into pieces for the future so that you and your families will never be forgotten."

With head bowed slightly the little bear said. " All this time I thought that I was going to be called " Amen" as this was the ending to the most beautiful prayer in the world, and that people were just plain glad to have finished with me, but they were saying a short prayer that I would travel safely. I feel so much better and I am so glad that I did not get sent back to Kentville earlier this evening."

"You see I was the last one on the conveyer belt and destined to be placed in this bag and not released until tomorrow, and if I had of been placed on the shipping truck and went home I would not have had this time to realize how important that I truly am." I am so glad that we all landed in the same postal bag. There sure must be a lot of love out there as I can hear rumblings in the other bags as well.

Miss Vintage Victorian stated " My son, you will never know what passes through these conveyer belts or the stories these parcels could tell. I love the book that comes with mine so someday someone can read and know that I am not to be used under a hot pot to protect a table, but instead I have a place of honor."

"Amen " was heard coming from all around the dark corners of the postal bags.
Now I know what will happen when I go home. I will be finished stuffed and sent to someone who needs to hold me and know that I am in their prayers. I sure hope that they call me "Amen " as God has blessed me with all of you as my friends this evening and a greater gift He could not have given me.

He has given me the wisdom to know now why I am needed, when I am needed and when my Master cannot be there or my creator present, then all that they have to do is hold me in their arms and know that all of their prayers will be answered.

This story is copyrighted by Linda Boudreau, Kentville, Nova Scotia
May 14th, 2008

" Amen" left for a new home where bears are truly considered art and perhaps someday may even be able to visit the Cave Junction, Oregon Bear Festival", but his new home will be with his new friends David and Carolyn Zimmer. 14.05.2008
David lost his battle with cancer and is in heaven.

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh made me cry. What a touching story and so lovely that he is going to live where he is so needed. May he spread comfort wherever he goes. I feel so blessed to be part of this.