Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Prayer Bear

Hiding under the fake tree next to the sewing station hoping that he/she can escape the turmoil of being packed in a box and sent on a journey to be loved and cared for. " I heard " Amen " the prayer bear tell me that he/she wanted to really stay right where she is.

Sitting proudly in a comfy chair waiting for someone to claim him/her and give a good home. Love the detail on the back where it is prevelant that Jan Ede has used some of her gorgeous mother of pearl flowers and precut leaves, they are gorgeous.

On the back close to the top is work by Marie Alton and infamous Melanie rose's in all of their glory. Marie has also added the bullion swags that are on the bottom.

Beadwork and beautiful stitching from Mary Anne Richardson leaves this bear with such personality that he/she just wants to walk away on her own.

Not knowing what to do to give some dimenison to the face I added some real wide lace across on side of the face and it seems to of fit the spot just right. I also wanted this bear to smile and be a happy bear.

The eyes are little gold tinted metal beads and they snug in really well into the face.

This is my beautiful aussie watching over my purple prayer bear that I have just given eyes of gold and a bow of deep wine to.

This poor little bear lay at the bottom of a ufo box waiting for me to finish. It was far from being done as it was in two small round robins and it needed a reason to be finished. I have found that reason and can hardly wait to pack his precious little soul in a lined box and mail him away to a special friend who needs a " prayer bear " at this stage of her life.

This bear is decorated to the nine's in the most beautiful work from such artists as Maryanne Richardson, Jane Ede and Marie Alton, their work speaks for itself and I will share some of their work as well as mine in the following pictures.

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