Thursday, January 14, 2010

Art Bra Block 2010

I am pleased and sad at the same time to finish this block, very pleased as I truly enjoyed working on it, and sad because it is now finished and there is truly no more room for embellishment, a first for me.

When I started to piece this block I was scared as I am not a paper piecer, let alone a fabric paper pieced block, and dh looked at me strangely. He said wow, that is some block when it was pieced as he said he did not know what I was doing with all the fabrics, that seemed to be flipping over one and another. I am impressed.

I chose the bright colours as a fan to me is radiant and should show through and in the dull winter days something sure has to sparkle. I added all seams with krenik metallic threads. I then beaded them in size 12 to larger beads. After adding the lace at the bottom which was so much a part of the fan, I decided that a butterfly and handmade pansy were the only embellishments I needed in the wedge part of the fan.

I wanted to do some silk ribbon work so chose to do a variety of different flowers that I enjoy making and haven't made in a while. I also chose to put a pearl angel that I had made into a pink cluster of silk ribbons as it looks like she is flying down the fox glove to the ground.

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did piecing and thanks for the challenge. This one will be mailed out on Saturday.

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FredaB said...

The block is just beautiful. I love the way you did the flowers up the individual fan pieces and the edging you used really sets it off.

The pansy is the perfect finishing touch - you knew when to stop and it shows. Great job.