Friday, February 05, 2010

Verendah Views

This was the most adorable quilt I have done in a long long time. I truly enjoyed embroidering the little pictures from Willowberry Designs and then chose my own soft colours............well I added what I considered a two wide border and then decided to add some ruffled lace and ribbons to take away from the width, so now it becomes a wall or lap quilt. I have yet to do the label.


FredaB said...

This little quilt is so precious. I love the plka dot material you used. Is it cotton? It looks like something fancier and I love the lace trim on it. It makes it look almost vintage.

Any grandbabies in your future?



Linda said...

No grandbabies, just hoping. The fabric is from my stash and has miniature tulips on it. I have wanted to use this for some time.