Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kimono 2010

     Finally the Kimono Quilt is finished and I am pleased.  I have visions of another one in my head and will have to plan it out carefully as I will carry it further than I did on this one.  I loved the actual piecing and final constructing of the blocks and must admit that I discovered a nice way to border a quilt and have it hold it's shape at the same time.

     I hand basted as shown below, then decided to cut the borders back to 2.5" and basted them down. I then added a braided upholstery trim to the front, carried it to the back and tacked it down.  It makes a very nice finishing edge.  I did the same for the kimono collar.

     I am setting aside the ribbons and fabrics that I had intended to use to skirt this one for a future quilt along with some drawings, but must finish some more UFOs that are as large as this and need to be done.


Stephanie said...

Linda, this is just gorgeous! I love color of the sashing you chose. The pillow is beautiful. thanks so much for sharing.

Linda said...

Thanks Stephanie, so very kind of you.