Saturday, June 12, 2010

Silkribbon Pillow with design ideas for first sashing on kimono quilt.

On the sides of the above quilt I had wanted to add some dimensional flowers and wanted to audition some floral sprays that I felt would work.

I also find that rather than wasting the thread and fabric that a large gorgeous pillow could result if I were fortunate enough to carry the design through, as it was one I had wanted to try for some time.  It is not an orginal.
I am very pleased with the coloour of the background, the tlace and the threads  as well as the silk ribbon used in the design.

I will use this design with a sweeping type of design down the sides of the kimono quilt in the style of chery and peach blossoms to accent the quilt, just not sure how much of it to work, and if I will fill inthe background with a darker silk or not, but I have won in two ways I have a pillow that will be about eighteen inches squared, to be edged with braid and have a large flouce and done the block of my dreams from a pattern by a desugber in an issue of Embroidery and Cross Stitch.

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Stephanie said...

Linda, this is sooooo beautiful!