Sunday, September 23, 2012

Machine Quilting

Asked a year ago about machine quilting and I definitely would have said no, but as of two days ago., I have designed and finished quilting, but now waiting for binding a total of four toddler quilts.

Such a simple procedure done out of necessity as my dd was using my beautiful wall quilts as covers for her childcare children and my fears were of spilling and colouring so I knew there was room for change.  I will share my quick patterns and post pictures under the name of Pay it Forward Quilts.

Pay I Forward Quilts:-

1/2 metre of centre fabric
1/2 metre of border fabric
1 metre of backing fabric
1 metre of low loft quilt batting.
large saftey pins.

Wash and press all fabrics.

Cut feature fabric 30.5 x 38.5 inches.
Cut borders (1) top - 30.5 x 3.5 bottom 30.5  x 3.5

Cut Backing at least two inches bigger on all four sides lay riht side up on table.
Cut backing same size and smooth over backing.

Lay quilt on top two inches in from the sids and two inches down from the top.  Spread out evenly, and start pinning from the top down working out an wrinkles as you go.
Cut borders      side- 44.5 x 3.5 (2) add sides last

I now have worked both with and without  a walking foot and must admit on the last two the walking foot worked much better as the room was so humid the quilt did not want to slide evenly under the pressure foot.  Next time I will sprinkle a bit of powder over the surface to assist with sliding.

I set my machine to 4.5 stitches and eye stitched straight lines down the full length of the quilt.  I then quilted all around the inside border and then followed with quilting down the outside edges.  They are now ready for binding so I will cut strips two inches wide and join and double fold and attached all around each quilt, mitre corners and sew down, and then share pictures with you.


I made one earlier for a nursing home and it was all handwork and I loved doing it as it was a wall quilt.

I did a second " Precious Moments " quilt panel with lace and ribbons and machine quilted this one as it will be washed a lot and donate this to the children's section of the nursing home.


Started to also work on my winter caps again............must also take more pictures..........watching tv and crocheting I have made three adult and two children's caps.............I also have one child's size four apple pullover in the basket waiting to be finished.


Once these are out of the way I will start my heirloom sewing gifts for Christmas and share

Have a great day.

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