Thursday, July 24, 2014

Directions for round disks.


6 inch square of muslin for backing.
6 inch square of main fabric - my choice wool linen

wash out pen or pencil
Colours of silkribbon you chose.
Used cd disk
Jar lid from small canning mason jar.

Odds and ends of beads and metallic threads for embellishments.  

I make mine in multiples of four, in other words, I cut my muslin and main fabric twelve inches suare, then I run a large basting line around the edge to keep them from shifting.

I trace four cd's two top and two bottom for the large outer circles.

I centre the lid of a mason jar and trace around this.  I then use a contrasting thread and
stitch a gathering line around this for later use.

I then decide where I want my flowers and what direction to make them fall.  I add a small
circle for each rose and then have vines that draw out from this.

I make my own version of a rose using a silkribbon straight stitch, add leaves with same stitch, then embroider vines, add beads and embellish.

Once completed I then cut out beyond the orignal large circle and run a gathering stitch around this with strong thread.

Place a small piece of batting in the centre, gather the finished piece over the lid and secure with thread.  Add a piece of finished felt to hide the threads.

Screw onto top of mason jar, then add goodies.............sewing materials..............mints..........a
touch of chocolate.................buttons..............collelctibles..........lace.............a kit in a jar etc. and you have a finished gift that they will definitely not recycle.

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