Thursday, September 04, 2008

Above are two pictures of my work done on a section of Janet's gorgeous Christmas block in the FFT3 group on crazy quilting international. In the first one I chose to use a darker colour on the deep green and make a ' whispering pine at night '. I made long stems ( branches ) and then added the pines with three shades of green to a goldtoned marlit. I then added nighshades of pinecones using a metallic black to silver blending filament and needle lace technique. I had a little whisp of angora fall on the block at the same time I had a snowman in my hand so added him, but would not be offended if the swirling snow is removed.
I then chose to do one seam in red needlenecessities overdyed with a herringbone stitch. I went back in with a metallic red by dmc and then added mill hill beads to offset the fan shapes that were added. On the opposite side I used the same red and same coloured beads but did a feather stitch instead.
I then went up to a black section on the block and added a garland ( boquet ) of pointsettias using 4mm overdyed red silk ribbon and 7 mm green. I used a more bullion stitch daisy at the end of each side of the spray to make it look like they were tipped to the side. The cetnre was simply a japanese ribbon stitch. I filled the centre with teardrop beads in gold and clear. I then added some mill hill beads in antique white to offset the dark colours. I then rusched and beaded a gold ribbon and added this to finish the side of the seam that was not yet stitched in order to give it some fullness. I hope that Janet likes what I have done on her block.


Anonymous said...

The poinsettia is nice, but I really love the pine bough you stitched. The snowman and snow under it is perfect! Isn't it funny how we get inspiration sometimes?

Cathy K said...

Exquisite work! Just catching up on my blog reading, but wanted to let you know how lovely your stitching is and how much I enjoy it! Hugs, Cathy