Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lots on the go and finishing.

I have finished another prayer pouch for a special friend and it has gone in the mail and I will when she does receive hers along with some satin handmade roses.

I received the most beautiful pin puff from my Turkish friend Rengin in return for the two prayer pouches that I have made for her.

I will share these photos when I get on the main computer. I finished up the stitching on a crazy quilted one yesterday afternoon.....the background is maple leaves in gold and the accent piece is a unicorn ear ring that I found at an antique shop some time ago. I used one on this pouch and one on my dd's Christmas stocking, which I must finish.

I have so many little things to finish that it is scary and while I am in the process of doing same I keep on stitching away on other things. Like a lot of fiber artists I am continuously thinking.

I have at least three large clutch purses to put together and they will go into my hope chest to be given away someday when my heart lets them go. I have at least five long christening gowns on the go and two more on the way to being complete. I do want to do long slips with matching crochet lace on them to accent them.

I have two borders on my Angels in Blue quilt to hand quilt and I will then add the ribbons and flowers to this one and e had a lot share.

I have had a lot of requests on how I do my prayer pouches and all I can say is I will share how I do a basic one as no two are the same. Depends on how the fabric speaks to me.

I was inspired by the works of Pat Winters of Gatherings when a friend sent me two kits, one for me and one to do for her.

I was also given a pouch made by Pat from my friend Rita Geoff as a Christmas gift one year and fell immediately in love with it.

Well, enough chatter and I must get some more pics up. Been getting ready for a family get together this week coming and have let the poor blog lapse.

Have a great day. I am also learning Brazilian embroidery and admit I have fallen in love with this technique and the realism of three dimensional floral work.

I will also put some tutorials up on how I do my ribbon flowers as there are not a lot of blogs on silk ribbon or ribbon art work. I love it.

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