Saturday, May 02, 2009

Tribute to An Angel

A butterfly fluttered to my window and made me stop and stare,
Twas not an ordinary butterfly as she held a special glare.
As she approached the window I was compelled to open it wide,
The little butterfly flew in gently and landed by my side..

She fluttered from room to room and finally settled in,
To the most comfortable spot in my home, it was my sewing den
She went up and down the bookcases and through the fabrics too,
Then landed on a quilt top that it appeared she knew.

She winged her ways across, almost every block before,
She stopped and lingered on one a little longer more.
She stopped on a button and spreads her wings open wide,
Then flew down and landed on a bead on the other side.

Before I knew what was happening the quilt began to talk,
It started to tell me stories and then it seemed to walk.
It said when you were down and needed me, I was there
to comfort you,
When life seemed so empty my threads and fancies pulled
you through.
When life seemed so hopeless and you felt so all alone,
A group of angels gathered and made me in your home.

A true labour of love as anyone can plainly see, lots of love
caring and full of memories.

When the little butterfly stopped and hovered over square,
I saw a little angel dust appear from out of the air.
A little teardrop filled my eyes,and slowly down my face,
I felt an inner peace come over me, it was a saving grace.

This feeling did not leave me and the tears began to flow,
The little butterfly fluttered over each block in a row.
It seemed to flutter twice when it landed on a name,
Then the memories came floating back and more teardrops came.

Froggie was the siggy and beside it was a boullon frog,
Holding onto a fishing line and sitting on a log.

Next to her was Priscilla dressed all in purple and red,
Stitched with such softness it was a loving thread.

Roses, roses everywhere and such beautiful lace,
Sandi had touched this quilt and left her dainty grace.

Marianna and her love for fully embellished seams,
Left her siggy and embellishments and a special dream.

Nark had left a collection of Carole Samples designs,
Amazing what can come out of a little stitcher's mind.

Carolyn left a little girl on a button with praying hands held high,
Now where did I find that button, and it lit up the sky.

Beautiful Brazilian embroidery covered one little square,
It was not hard to tell that Rita had stopped here.

A dainty little floral square covered with tiny laces
Gayle had added angels and tiny little faces.

A collection of tatting, silkribbon roses too,
Chatty was the name written on this block in blue.

As the butterfly was flitting from one block to another,
It stopped and lingered on one word or another.
One name was missing from the square and she spun a special thread,
And inscribed the word " Barbee " in gorgeous red.

I watched so very closely to see what the butterfly would do,
Would she go out the window or stop and visit you.
Sh flitted to my shoulder and seemed to whisper in my ear.
Do not be sad my little angel for I am always here.

I am in each and every block, in every stitch I made for you,
I am free from pain and sorrow and no longer live alone,
Heaven is my mansion, but I can still visit you at home.

I can tell you different stories that you might want to hear,
But, just pull out the blocks that we have worked on over
the past ten years,
Hold them in your hands and hug them and know they were
made with love.
Now, they are safe in heaven and resting with me above.

I still have my memories, the good ones are all I knew,
But once a year I will come down and visit you.
So when you see a butterfly flitting on your window pane,
Open up the window sill and let me in again.

Excuse me little angel I must be on my way,
I have nine other angels who are waiting for me today.
They have not forgotten me,nor will I ever forget them,
I have a lot of flying to do but will return again.


(c) L. Boudreau out of love and respect for Chatty's Angel " Barbee " 2008

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