Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Prayer Pouch for Lynn

This is the front and back of a prayer pouch that I made for a special friend
who asked how I made the bridal roses of the bridal pillow.
She offered to send a brazilian embroidery pattern for the cost of postage and I wanted to make her something special to remember me by so I chose to put two or three different versions of how I do my roses into the pouches.
On the front there are several shades of 7mm wide purple to lavender and they are free handed as I work along. I added stems, bead works and a flirty little butterfly to the front. On the back I used another silk ribbon technique to do a rose branch and added some lace and beads to this as well.
I also shared some different ways and sizes of satin bridal roses that I enjoy making. I am so used to making them right on the garment that it is hard to describe as there are several ways to make them. I will try and do a little tutorial on them when time settles down.
I hesiate to post this as I am not sure if this has arrived at " Lynn's " home or not, but we will see.

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