Thursday, August 13, 2009

Been A while since I posted but was well worth the wait.

It has been a while since my last post, but I have been busy on a personal challenge to make one hundred items to donate to our local hospital and I am well over half way there. I started the middle of June and it is now almost the middle of August and with little or no effort have been able to accomplish this little miracle. I will finish this set and then set out to do a series of special items for nursing homes, shelters, and those in need. I like to be a secret angel so only put a card on my work so that when it goes to the hospital they know it is acrylic, cotton and how to wash.

I hope to share some with you. A lot of the patterns are adaptions of patterns I have found on line and some are those that I have created as I went along. One can soon learn many variations on a pattern when they set a goal this high.

I highly recommend the site as a great starting point for adult hats and have used a lot of their patterns int he beginning. I then graduated to my own and a series of my own in both knit and crochet for preemies and small babies. I also have some christening dresses on the horizon to finish as well as three sweater sets. Sounds ambitious but it sure is helping to do stash reduction in yarns.

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Anonymous said...

You are an angel weaving for them!

Hugs and love
Maria del Valle