Thursday, August 13, 2009

Slow Works in Progress

This is the top left hand section of a Carnation Quaker Sampler that I am ashamed to say I set aside until I got some new mageyes to work with and now that they are here have to continue to work on this. I just love this design and colour work.

This was a a design challenge by a friend who wanted to see how we would intepret and use crayons to guide us in our work. So far I have the tree, trunk and roof done, and I am not at all pleased with the right hand tree so will turn it into a seperate tree altogether.

My Latest six inch block that I am playing with.

I love this little work. It was an online class kit that I adapted to my own style and plan on doing a lot more beadwork and fine thread work on before framing. I am addicted to silk ribbon embroidery.


Anonymous said...

Hello Linda
The Quaker has beautiful colors!The design challenge
is very nice, trunk is perfect seems you do not like the leaves?
I love also your little work flowers
About the block, that seems a crazy quilt?

Maria del Valle

Shari M said...

I don't see anything the matter with your tree??? Or do you mean the bushes?

Great job on everything IMHO!!

Hugs - Shari

Eleanor said...

I love your work, especially the hats! You have given me some very nice ideas, now all I need are the patterns, lol.