Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sitting in front of the fan

Well the weather here has hit some real highs and with the humid ex level and smog levels high I have chosen to stay indoors. I must admit that as long as I have the air conditioner on and the fans blowing in my face I can deal with this. We did try to go today to an air show at the air force base but when we arrived the humidity was far to great to be even the slightest bit tempting, so we came home.

I have start another set of prayer pouches and was working happily along and I am now at the part where I have to wait until I can shut the fan down in order to bead and embellish. I think Mother Nature or Father Sun are trying to tell me something.

I did finish another set of comfort hats. I have two adult, three children and about five preemie to baby ones. I knit the preemies as they were so much softer to deal with. I think I am well over the mid point at this time and will soon rearrange some photos and group them so it does not take up much space. It is amazing how addicted I am to the one hundred caps.

Will log on when it cools down and share more pics, but not as long as they are now, will group them instead.

I hope when it cools down to be able to get back at my stitching again as I do miss it as well.

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