Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Through the eyes of a child.

While visiting my in-laws at a local nursing home we decided to go out into the beautiful paved stone yard and take advantage of the last of the summer sun and the beautiful new padded resin wicker sets that were displayed everywhere.

We parked the vehicle close by as we had just taken dh's parents out for a drive and then as we started down a paver path I noticed a young male nurse playing hide and seek with a little boy in a wheelchair.

Instead of moving away and just pushing the child he would hide behind a chair and the little boy would wheel in and find him and his eyes, hands and arms became the broadest smile I had ever seen.

I sat and watched as he lovingly removed the little boy from his chair and put him on his lap and began to play games with him. This was very moving as most people do not acknowledge that this is one nursing home that does accept children with challenges.

I sat for as long as I could and then proceeded to walk over to where they were sitting under the large gazebo and chat with the young male nurse. We had a long conversation and I could see that he truly loved his work and the little boy loved him.

I commended him on spending such valuable time with the little boy and he began to tell me how much his little friend could communicate without words and how he loved to be with him. The little boy shyly would snuggle closer to him knowing he was safe.

I told the young male nurse how proud I was of him for taking time to spend with the little boy and explained that I had spent over twenty years in and out of a hospital and knew the lonliness that it could bring and I got to go home after my polio treatments, this little boy did not.

I will never forget the love that shone in both their eyes as I walked away and heard them once again begin their Dr. Seuss tales and gamess.

He brought the little boy over before he left on his walk with him around the nursing home gardens and shared his love of life for both his work and the little boy. The little one was safe as he wrapped his legs tightly around his intern.

We bid them a beautiful day as they had made ours and he proceeded to push the little angel over the bridge and through the flowers. God bless you for making my day.

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