Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Small ones for local neo natal unit.

These little hats were so much fun to do. I did a total of three of them, the next one you will see in the snuggle sac picture.
For the white one I cast one 54 stitches using size 4.5 mm needles and did a 6 row rib. I then added about four to five inches in straight knitting, then decreased to the top and finished.
For the orange one the same, but this is the reverse side as it makes the little pumpkin look more original. I cast on the same number of stitches but after the ribbing I purle every 6th stitch......when I got to the last 6 stitches at the top I changed to green and knit for about 8 rows and then closed this off as the stem. I then cast on three one stitch with green, incread to about 7 stitches, then decreased down to five and cast off all in stocking stitching. Left ends long enough to fast the leaf to the stem and to the hat. I have seen hats like this on the internet and their patterns are written more fully than my version.
Total of 66 hats knit to date in spare time. Goal is 100.

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