Thursday, September 10, 2009

Charity Crochet

Hat from an infamous children's story that I crocheted for a little lad in a nursing home that he can actually wear. He will be so excited that I can hardly wait.A micro-preemie gown that I have crocheted for a local hospital from a pattern on angelcrafts, she is a very talented designer and donates her patterns to a wonderful cause

A collection of fifty plus hats that are going over to the neo natal and neurological as well as chemo ward of our local hospital, the next fifty plus are being readied for local schools and the homeless shelters. Love makes us all have a happy heart. Patterns are designs from basic patterns and a lot of small originals. They range from preemie to adult male and female. I love doing these.


Krystine Lewis said...

I came across your blog through google. What a wonderful thing you are doing for all the little sweet babies out there. I love your blue preemie outfit you posted here. I too am crocheting baby blankets this winter for the shelters that need it this winter. Thanks for being so kind and giving.

FredaB said...

The little boy is just going to love his hat. You are doing something very needed. I started knitting hats for chemo patients last winter and intend to start again when it cools down.