Sunday, September 13, 2009

Adult hats in progress and some stitching time.

I started and finished six adult comfort hats over the weekend and have decided to make them much longer so that they can be pulled down over the face, and or, turned up as desired. I want this set to go to the shelters so they need to be warm. You can warm you hands in your pocket, but it is hard to keep your head warm

After a few hours of rearranging the sewing room again. I have to have a change so that all that I am working on is laid out close at hand and my most favourite place to create is on the ironing board as I can bring it to my level, stick pins in it, and still iron and design at the same time.

I did take a few minutes and stitched some embroidery for an on line monthly quilt that caught my eye and started on the second block. I changed the colours a bit and wish now that I had of used a heavier count cotton for them, but it is never to late as these are very small designs with a lot of impact..... and the ones that are done can be made into little toss pillows.

I also want to do about a dozen miniature bean toss bags for the nursing home as the larger ones that I made do not always fit in their games. I was asked what sizes I make and I do the six inch finished and this time these ones will finish at two inches square as they are tossed into a game hole.

Well, off to rest and will share some pics tomorrow.

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