Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bridal Pillow Finished

This is a bridal pillow that I have designed and made for a friend who has her grandson getting married in Mexico.
I was asked to make a larger pillow than normal so it could be used later so this one is twelve inches in diameter excluding the lace.
My largest challenge was the names. I ended up placing them on fine linen and then bordering them with hand rusched bridal satin and dotted them with pearls. I then went in and added some rosettes and floating hearts.
Most of the silk ribbon work in the centre fills a six inch diameter spot and has some teardrops added to the large ribbons 15 and 35 mm and small hearts as well as pink/blush 7 mm gathered roses and 7 mm over dyed green ribbon for leaves. I then used a green and added baby's breath and used mill hill beads to put on the end.
I also added beads to the bridal motifs then were added and added different collages of lace and beads to them as well as silk ribbon roses in large with floating teardrops.
The large six inch lace section is gathered and pleated by hand and attached from the back, with pearls securing it to the pillow top.
Swags of bridal satin ribbon are held onto the four corners with satin rosette ribbons and beads.
The pillow inside is made of batiste and the moire' is also back with the same batiste fabric so this pillow can be used after the ceremony.
Small bridal satin ribbons hold the rings on and floating hearts fall from the centre know with a cascade of pearls.
I do hope the new bride to be enjoys this pillow as making a larger than normal one for me was a bit challenging.


Beadin' Gram/aka Jackie said...

What a wonderful family heirloom this will be.
Lovely, lovely work --- a treasure for sure.

Marie Alton said...

Linda ... it is so beautiful! I'm certain the bride will love it! I think is lookes awesome!
Hugs ... Marie

Rengin Yazitas said...

This is another fantastic piece:))
The bride will love this treasure.