Monday, March 16, 2009

Face Mold

When designing the third block in my gold series, I had a plant pot with vines coming from it and then one of the quilters online asked for some examples of face cab use and I decided to try and see what I could do with a simple one. I am very pleased with how she turned out and this is the first one that I have actually worked with detail on the face.

I had purchased the small faces from "Leslie " and wanted to work with them as I use them in my beaded flowers. Click on beadwork and you can see them in my blog. I received these one's glazed and at first did not know where to take them from here, but now must admit that I like the glaze as it gave me the opportunity for self shading.

I first took the cab and highled the face with two coats of nude nail polish., lingerie coloured or whatever shade you like. I then took some pigma pens and did the eyes, eyebrows ( which I would change in the next one ), outlined the lips in a deep red, ( must get some suttler shades ) and then went back in and highlighted the lips and eyes in black. I felt she had a vintage look to her.

I then took an eighteen piece of 7mm over dyed ribbon and cut six inches off. I first gathered along one edge and and kept this close to the top of the cab for a full hair. I then gathered the other twelve inches and lowered the placement and tacked it around the cab. This cab is held on with double faced tape as if I decide that I want to, I can now go back in and add an adhesive, but I am pleased with the soft feel of double faced tape without the hardness of glue and the fact that I did not have to bead around this particular face. I then added a little bead each side for ear rings, add a fluff of feather to the top and a deep rose with a pearl.

As the vines were already stitched I had to decide what to do for the background so I chose a sort of Mother Nature attempt and did beaded lilacs ( in other words groups of four and five beads clustered on the ends), and went back in with a darker green thread and worked leaves and sprigs. I feel she is as finished as I want her to be on this block as I do not want her to take over the block as it is only six inches. I hope to work more on this one today.


Thelma said...

I love it Linda!! I got to get me some clay and molds or just buy some from Leslie,,this looks like to much fun!!

Nicki Lee said...

WOW! What a beautiful job you did with this face. I just signed up for a class in polymer clay faces and now have an idea of just how pretty they can make a block. Thank you for sharing how you created her.

Diane said...

Ooh, I love how you framed that face. It's really gorgeous. Adding the feather was just the right touch too. Hugs, Diane