Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gold Block

I picked another block from a little stash that I had prepieced to do a purse for and decided to work on this to see if I could get the sttiches back in line again as it has been so long since I did seams and silkribbon work.
I never throw anything away. The wild rose at the top left is a small piece of 17mm hand dye that was cut into thirds, each was gathered separately and then added as if the wild rose was with large petals, the little white beads added to this. I also took a piece of green that highlighted this and it also was a leftover and cut it in two and did a loop stitch and tacked it under for leaves. I had previously started to work bead work on a large piece and tossed it into a bead box and pulled this out as it seemed like a nice accent on the rose piece. Another piece of ribbon came out just as I was about to rusche a piece of off white ribbon and it was satin brown, it went beautifully into a bow. The heart button and the dangles were saved from a project that they did not work on before. I just re threaded them. On a purse I would leave them dangling on a block I secure them down. I have now laid out another gold block as I have had four of them waiting to be worked on for about a year now and see what develops.


Gerry Krueger said...

Love all your gold on your block.... Gold just seems to add life to a block... Good job Gerry K.

Thelma said...

Very beautiful block Linda!!

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Gorgeous block Linda! I love that wild rose you made!