Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Playing with Colours

This is a block that I made as a spare and now I have taken and started to work on this one.

I love the suttle colours and a touch of pink just seems to add to the beauty of this block.

I have the Piecemakers pattern for this year and wanted to start the large quilt and take away from the black in the background and perhaps I have innocently stumbled upon a colour that I can work with other than the blacks, greys and whites. I love the concept of the quilt and also love the layout, but when I look at all of the dark colous in it it makes me feel cold. I know it is out of darkness as it rises from the ashes. A picture of the quilt I hope to start on this week is at http://www.piecemakers.com/ and is not only a quilt but a calendar as well. I have started collecting butterflies to keep putting onto the quilt.

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