Monday, June 16, 2008

Building the hearts

This morning I took some time to start filling in the hearts as they were overtaking the block and I did want them to set a mood। On the first one. I added a collage of sequined daisies and to the centre of this delicate little soft yellow sequins added a seed pearl. Of course, it covered up all of the gold herringbone stitches, but then this must have been for a reason. I then took some vintage heart beads as well as a few rice beads and an irridescent bead and did a collage that dangles from the centre. I did attach it to the block as swining items would have a way of being moved to easily.

I then moved down to the larger heart. I was getting braver. I had already selected some pale pink to white overdyed silk ribbon in 7 mm and made a collage of flowers and buds. I then went back in with some soft mint green 7 mm ribbon and added little leaves. I do want to add some beads and little bits of baby's breath. On the opposite side I have added rusched 15mm rayoln ribbon. I will also add beads to this and collage something special at the top. I can also picture a heart hanging inside a heart here.

Not being overly sure of what I wanted to add to the opposite side of the block I decided I had better do some work there so I came across a spool of antiqued beads and let them meander over the block and have them tacked down for now. I also want to add some bleeding hearts in a bowuet and try and see if I should bring the other large heart to life. I have it stitched in line art so I can just pull the threads if I decide not to..............then on to paisley heart buttons and beads.

This block is very addictive, but then they all are once we start on them.

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