Saturday, June 14, 2008

What no pictures of progress yet?

I must admit that I have been taking pictures as I work along each day, but as we have had company have not taken the time to download them or resize them but will in a few days.

Today I wanted to infill more of a theme on my block. Leslie said she wanted " hearts " and I thought wow, how can I fill in with hearts now that I have centred so much lace so I dug out my paper and scissors and cut out some primitive and fancy hearts for embroidery. I am pleased to say that I have cut and recut and now can find that there is more than enough places for the hearts that I am choosing to put on my block for a theme.

I also tried a new flower it is done in the overdyed soft to medium yellow 7 mm silkribbon. I was reading an article where gathered sicruclar flowers could be made to look realistic and wanted to try this. You start with a double strand of matching thread. Backstitch so secure on the top of the fabric through a 2 inch piece of ribbon at one end. Now take the needle and gather to the other end, and before pulling loop it around like a bow and push it back through the secured ribbon on the bottom. More like joining elastic in a waistband. Pull and it falls ever so gently to the top of the herrigbone stitches I had created previouisly. I then went back in with some soft green 7 mm overdyed white to minty green and added some greenery ever so lightly.

While visiting my family at the nursing home yesterday we were in the garden's and I saw some gorgeous bleeding hearts and want to replicate them on this block as well. I also held and examined a real fuschia. I cannot believe the beauty and daintiness in these gorgeous flowers. All abloom in the walkway at a nursing home. Next time I take my camera with me.

I also laid out some buttons on the block in curly cues and want to add them as well to give some dimension to the block, will show this in pics before I add them with glass beads.

Off to get some rest and then to work some more on my block. I truly love working on this challenge piece.

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