Friday, June 13, 2008

Day One on Wedding Block

I have thoroughly enjoyed what I was considering a challenge and must admit it has taken me outside of my realm of work. Yesterday I started working with one strand of floss, silk, at that, and it was some that I had dyed myself many years ago. Andrea Avery sent me some silk floss and I used cake dyes to play with them and the colours are so subdued. I did one seam in herringbone with a fawn beige. I then went back in and used rayon sulky to add a dimensional aspect to the top of this.

I secured the double heart ruffle around the bride in the centre and then added an oval of braid to offset this. I will add some more ribbonwork and beads as time moves on.

I then got real brave and, although, I do not like the feel of dmc linen thread, I used one strand and did another seam in a soft salmon colour and it was worked with a wider stitch. I have now started to go back in with some sulky verigated mint to dk green, that is so suttle it hardly shows so I can see where beads are going to be a definite asset on these seams.

I dyed some ribbon in tea and will add some pics later before I start work on the block again today.

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