Friday, June 20, 2008

More Pictures of Finished sections

Finished block with a bouquet of hearts in every corner. Fabrics used in this were from my daughter's confirmation dress, her wedding dress, and velvet saved for a very special occasion. I also used tea dyed lace over satin and a nice piece of diamond pleated fabric received from a special friend.

Laced heard with puffed ribbon work.
Rusched and ribbon work heart
Silver herringbone stitched heart with bead work and swinging heart.

Centre of block which was the inspiration for this block.

The small heart in the upper left hand corner is done with herringbone stitches. It also has seam lines done in krenik number eight braid and has beads added. I also used some vintage beads and sequins. I stitched the fan stitch with one strand of sulky thread.


piney cq said...

OH! LINDA!!! This is JUST beautiful!!! Thank you SOOO MUCH!!! You did an awesome job and it will be a fabulous addition to the quilt!! WOOHOO!!!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous block! I love all the details on it, and the thing that really strikes me is the way you have used different weights of thread and embellishment. For example, the delicate silver feather-stitch heart contrasting with the small piece of heavier lace beside it. I really like this effect.

Linda said...

Thank-you Leslie for your lovely commment. A finer angel could never be found.

Jocelyn. I have never experimented with different weights of thread in one block, and some of the lines that are already embroidered are done with a single strand of either sulky sewing thread or silk. Thank-you for your comment.

Thelma said...

Beautiful block. Gives me inspiration on the b/c blocks I will be doing.

Linda said...

Thank you Thelma, it is in sharing that we encourage each other.

Leti said...

very nice!! I just love that kind of work. So original. Congratulations!!!