Thursday, June 12, 2008

A new Charity Block for Leslie

My special friend Leslie of pinyoncreek fame has put out a request for blocks done out of wedding dresses for a ' cancer quilt ' challenge. I could not help but want to be part of this wonderful gesture. This is one lady who has just gone through a tornado and still plans on moving forward, the least we can do is help. My friend Dee brought this to my attention as I am not an avid reader of blogs lately, only due to lack of proper time.

I went through my white on white and fanciest pieces of lace that I owned and put together a square that is so gentle it makes me feel honoured to work on this. I would not have had this success if it were a block for myself, so I know my hands are being guided.

My so called ' sewing room ' still has not been saved since the last renovations and it has gone into a small corner of a bedroom so this was a learned experience. I am pleased to say it went well, even standing on one foot with the other on a foot pedal as there was not room for a chair in the room yet. Dh felt sad and said he would take the spare room bed out and it could be converted. God love him, but I can still see this going to the bottom of the ' honey do ' list, but we will see.

I have all of the lace and ruffles tacked down for now and want to start some actual stitching this afternoon and keep it as gentle as possible, and for me, that in, itself, will be a challenge.

I am taking pictures along the way and will share as time permits.

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