Monday, August 11, 2008

Art Bra Quilt Charity Block 2008

This is my block to date. There is still a lot of work to be done on it and seams to be embellished, but as my first love is silk ribbon embroidery I wanted to make sure that this block had more than it's share of this technique for a change.

This is a bower of roses and baby's breath that I created using different widths of silk ribbon. This is the main theme of the block and has set the tone for the rest. I truly loved doing this particular piece.

This is a little bouquet of roses that a butterfly is going to light upon and spread the love of the rose throughout the whole block. This is not done as yet, but is in a finishing stage.

This is the swag of roses that I finished with so far today. I have set it aside and will embellish with more fancy stitches, glitter and beads of love, before it is finished. As you can see there is a feature fabric in the top corner and there will also be one in the bottom corner of the block as we were all given a piece of the same colour rose silk, a six inch square to incorporate into our blocks. I just love it.

Below the centre piece is a seam that I wanted to stand out to sort of shelter the peachy rose that was above and so I rusched some ribbon and have started to form another cascade of roses from this point down. I had pretty soon start doing some seams or no one would believe this is a crazy quilt block.

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