Friday, August 08, 2008

Wedding Block 2 Finished!

A quiet, serene and breezy day was spent finishing this block so that I could put it in the post to Leslie tomorrow. I did a lot more bead work than I would normally do on a block as I wanted to keep the mood elegant and " wedding like ". Once again my favourite part was devoted to the hearts. I love it when someone actually gives you a theme and you can run with it., it sure simplifies the stitching. I must admit there is a lot of back stitching on the beads to make them stand up and some soft shades of peach and pink were added for colour.

Tomorrow I will work on the Art Bra block and play with colours, and if the mood is still with me start piecing my white on white quilt as well as my Victorian Christmas Wall Quilt for this Christmas..........all vintage and full of colours.

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