Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Lisa's FF3 Round Robin Block

I must admit that I totally enjoyed working ont his block and had to stop myself from going further. Lisa set a nice scene by including her pictures of her home at Christmas and what she perceived this block to look like when it was done. It is gorgeous, her home is so beautiful at Christmas time.

I did work a few seams that were different for me as I wanted to push myself a bit futher in the beading department as this block leaves tomorrow for Pam's in England and she is a true beader.

I worked a herring bone stitch across the green to cream velvet and then went back and did a slant stitch topped with a bead, below I did the same on a smaller scale and ended up using small and medium bugle beads and red beads to form holly in the beginning. I could have used whtie and made them sptrings of miseltoe but they would not have shown up.

I then did a slant stitch with daisy stitches and back sitchining in both wildflowers and krenink threads. I did a fan on the bottom and added a single strand of silver. I highlighted with irridescent beads.

I then went to the top and did a collage of Christmas roses done in Christmas red and green and set off with sprigs of beads in size 13.

On the bottom end I used a gathered piece of wide lace with a red soutache cord running through the top. I hand stitched this down securely so it would not wave and was pleased. I did hesitate with the black but felt after it was on the red glitter beads were added in size 8 that it did make the block.

Now, across the ocean to Pam where she will work her magic. I had a totally wonderful day, and must play catch up with another two blocks I have on the go.

Perhaps tomorrow I can clean my sewing room and finish Leslie's second block and then work on my Art bra block at the same time.

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Lisa said...

Linda ~ This is looking so gorgeous! How exciting to see! I've just got a couple small details to finish on Janet's block and will hopefully be mailing it on to you by the end of the week!