Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Reflection - Comfort Kitties

This morning while reading the newspaper I was overwhelmed by the story of the little oriental angel with the voice of a Madonna. I was upset that she was not allowed to perform her song in person and had to have a " prettier " person perform for her. I saw her picture and she is adorable. I also feel sad for the little girl who had to perform a lip sync that was second to none and now will be haunted with this for the rest of her life. She was not at fault.

It brings to mind that some people want to live in a so called " perfect " world. If it were so perfect we would not be at war, there would be no hospitals, no foster homes, no orphanage's, no neglected or abused children or adults. People would accept those who are challenged for who they are and not for who they appear to be. Sometimes it takes stories like this to bring the " lost soul " in all of us to the front and place he/she where they really belong.

I thought yesterday that today I was going to work on the " Comfort Kitties " as I had promised them to Pat some time ago. I was and still am waiting for the lady who needed at least six or more for some children she had sponsored in Africa. I would love to do them for these little abused children, it would make my heart feel so proud. I still have the little tags that Pat Winter's gave me to attach to them. Only difference is I won't make them until I hear from the lady on my blog who asked for the pattern. I cannot share this pattern as it is not my original. It is one that I am choosing to adapt and share in a loving way to bring comfort and joy to a cause that Pat Winter's has started and I enjoy making for.

I also have an " Izzy Doll " made for a child...........a little African child.........but there are not enough made yet to make a difference so they will be placed in the basket until more are made and that will be my fall knitting project. Look up Izzy Doll and feel proud.

The more I dig the more I find that need to be finished so I will have to put them into separate categories of importance to me., as I do want to do my Christmas wall quilt and finish some stockings that have been embellished but never put together as yet. Where does time go.

Hope these little labours of love inspire you to " pay it forward ".

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Marie Alton said...

Hello Dearest...I heard that story too...and thought the same awful that they subbed her for a prettier lip-sinker ... sad!

No justice for the sake of appearances.

Your kind heart never ceases to instill admiration in me for are a blessing to those who need love.