Friday, November 07, 2008

Back in Creative Mode.

Above is a picture of the block in a beginner round robin or should I say renewal of stitching round robin as it arrived at my home.

I am the last to stitch on the block and the booklet that came with it said that I want this to remind me of my visits to France with my dh and his vintage car clubs.

Not ever wanting to see a seam unturned I have started to add to this block, which I assure you will be filled before it heads home.

I knew the centre was bothering my friend "Pam " and I thought long and hard before I tried a technique that I had seen in a Candace King book, where you pull the top wire of the wired ribbo and flip it back on itself to make a ruffled effect. Now I have tacked this down and added some dark french beads..............I also want to add a fluff of feather and a doughnut of purple to the base, but not sure how this will turn out, time will tell.

I also took a section at the top and did a fall bush as in the pictures my special friend has shared with me she has shown me beautiful bushes that hang down over buildings. Now the paillettes that are used in the flower part of the bushes is not that bright and brilliant, the camera just picked them up as such and they do blend in well with the rest of the blocks keeping a nice calm peachy tone to the setting.

I felt that being in France would provide me with an opportunity to put in a silk that I receieved in a squishie..........the lady is dressed in purple and has a hat with a pouff of feather on the top in purple, and I added the yellow/cream to this and tacked it down to swirl off of the also has small beads added to this............more will be collaged at the top before it leaves.

The deep curved heart at the top appears to be vintage and it reminds me of France, with all of it's deep splendor and vintage laces and soutache and when completed it should be a heart filled with love.

Other odds and ends are scattered around. I have found this block to be a challenge as the tone was set by those before me with beautiful stitching and highlighted seams and there were none left for me so I chose to dress it up.

I will add a picture of where I am at now, and hopefully it will either stay as is, or change as time permits.

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

Very nice! I especially like what you did with the lush.