Sunday, November 23, 2008

Winter in the Valley

Old Man Winter hit with a vengenance this weekend dumping 31 cms of snow yesterday and another 15 cms of snow last night. Proud to be in a snow belt.

One thing it does is wake us up to the reality that ' snow tires ' are a definite necessity for this time of year, the fender benders were unreal.

I did not venture out and have not for about a week now,which is not abnormal for me in the winter time. My power chair does have snow tires, but can't picture a tow truck pulling it on our country lane.

Yesterday I tried my economical ( cheaper than most ) bead spinner that I got from Walmart a year ago. Can't believe it was that long, but remember as we were visiting dd at the time and I thought under fifteen dollars was a real steal, but felt it would never truly work, but was willing to give it a try.

It spins and works like a top. It is a small one, and I normally only knit the beaded purses and the little things and feel great that I did get the beads loaded back on and finished another jabot purse. Pictures to follow next week.

At the time I also purchased a little mermaid in porcelane with hopes of doing a beaded skirt, not to mention the butterfly and getting back into my french hand beading..........well, this snow has got me started and there is no way now but forward.

I would love to thank Beadin' Gran Jackie Young for voting for me as Friends Forever and I must admit that I have no idea on how to transfer the symbol to my blog except I can follow through with five people who I would love to remember for the rest of my life and will do so after chatting with Jackie.

I too, have bit the sock craze and am wearing the first set, and have three more pairs that will be done before the day is over, the other three pairs are being done gently as my friend Miss Vortex has assured me that knitting on the toothpicks is great. She was even gracious enough to send me the fine sock " thread " to knit on and must admit that when these are knit they go right into my sock drawer.

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