Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sock Knitters Revenge

What would the night be without another sock in the process. I know soon I have to start finishing the other ones that I have hidden, but they tell me they have a name for this disease now, it is called " the one sock syndrome " and I have it big time.

I feel the urge for real bulky socks, sport socks and not to mention mohair socks................but alas, my heart has to say that these are portable t.v. watching projects as my first love is my needlework, I left the world of knit design some years ago, I think.......this may be a real test.

Can you beleive that all that needs to be done fo rthe second sock to see a foot is to have the toe tapered properly, and it will be history........let's see what the night brings.

It all started with this toothpick and very expensive thread that is referred to in the knitting industy as self patterning sock yarn, a gift from a friend who said this is the size yarn I love to use. I must admit that short of needing to use my reading glasses to knit with them the feel of the yarn is out of this to turn the heel properly on such a fine specimen of knitting.

Now this is my weight of yarn, worsted in all it's glory. Start one sock on Saturday and finish the second on Sunday, mindless knitting. Oh my, now what does that say about me....

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

I want to take knitting lessons from you...there is no possible way by the greatest stretch of my imagination that I could knit a pair of socks in a weekend - even using worsted weight. I am sooo agonizingly slow and cant' seem to get any speed up no matter how much I work at it.
Nice socks, btw!