Sunday, November 30, 2008

Creative Moment

With crochet hook in hand and a basket of assorted sizes of yarn and wool that was previously purchased I have once again started to create designs that I enjoy.

I played with wrist warmers this week, and today took on the challenge of a neck warmer and I am pleased with how that turned out as well.

Knowing our cold Nova Scotia winters I have decided to also make some boot toppers, and can see this leading into frilly sock tops for special occasions. I can't seem to get past frilly, pretty and practical.

Practical being that a set of cuffs can change the look of not only blouses, sweaters and jackets but easy on the pocket book for the office/executive staff.

Practical also involves a collar that will keep you warm in the winter, cool in the summer and make that collar less top look like a day to night outfit.

Practical also means that I can knit plain socks and add pretty toppers to them so that the tops of the socks are not lost when the heels wear out.

Practical means that hats can be warm in the winter with a headband added for some extra style that would be removable and used to hold back hair or drop down as a choker/necklace styled.

I love the new cuffs that I am playing with for a design, rather than warming the wrists alone they give a whole new look to what is under the jacket and keeps out the cold. They can be worn long to keep the arms warm, or turned down and add some class to an outdated outfit.

I am not a scarf person, but can see designing some in the future. I am also not a crochet with yarn person normally, but love the feel of thread so can see this being carried forward to bridal and heirloom work with thread and crochet hook.

I also love the idea of legwarmers that look not only stylish, but can be sloppy and comfortable as well either over leggings or boots. Now I have to get out and get a pair of the higher boots with a bit of a heel.

I also love a challenge and want to try and force myself to finish some of the ideas that I have sketched in a notebook and wanted to use for a long, long time.

I am playing with some mock-ups in both worsted, sport and bulky weight and now want to try and take it down to finer threads, but first must design a cap/hat that I would like to be able to create easily.

Baring any unforseen power outages, as we are supposed to be in for a bad icy raining evening, will be back on line with some pics to share.

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