Saturday, November 08, 2008

Pam's Block

A cascade of vines, flowers and beads flow from one block into another to symbolize the flowers that drape the castles and beautiful homes in England and France

There was not a lot of room for a large heart so I sent a smaller one done in vintage braid and trimmed in vintage laces with beads and a beaded dangle from the bottom, allowing fabrics to show through. I also added a hand dyed rosette.

A lady in lavender with her bonnet decked out in flowers and a hand dyed trim was added. I allowed the trim to go into another block as I felt it was needed. A heart swings from the cockade at the top

A boquet was added so as the butterfly was headed in the right direction and to vintage flowers at that.

This is the final result on how I did what I refer to as a " French Plume ". I truly enjoyed this challenge.

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