Saturday, July 15, 2006

The above images are photos of work that sit on a padded bench at the end of my hallway. They remind me to keep stitching and to be creative and it brightens a rather dark spot. As you can see there is a fan cusion to the back right on the first picture. This was a kit of the month from as well as the needlecase in the lower right hand side of the picture with the large gorgeous green bow. These were wonderful to work on and very well explained.

In the foreground is a pin puff that I received as part of an exchange pin puff group on the original silkribbon embroidery group and I have cherished this. It is very large and has gorgeous shadown work on this as well as shadow applique. These techniques are wonderful to me and I have used them in the past, and I am so pleased to have this. The back has a pin back so that I can wear it, and there is a hanger for scissors on the bottom. I have yet to put a pin in this little jewel, but looking at it now, it sure is sparking my interest in shadown applique again. I need some new nightgowns and this would be perfect, let's see what happens in the next week or so.........Something simple can look oh so elegant when designed with just a touch of luxury.

The picture of the little pastel peach heart has a footprints pin in it and it reverses to a gorgeous oriental gold damask on the back. This is in memory of our son Nichoas Patrick whom we lost shortly after birth, but is still apart of our hearts and lives. It shows the purest of white roses and flowers and the footprints represent the steps that, we as a family, shared in the healing process. It really does work with needle and thread. The struggle to go on can sometimes be so great, but when we look at reality and realism within, it is very easy to be pleased with what one has than to grieve for the past, but we still also have the ability to make sure that the loss is never forgotten. When you stop hurting, you stop remembering, and " When this you see, remember me ". means a family cared and still cares.

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