Friday, July 14, 2006

My love for needlework began at a very early age. It began in a hospital setting during a polio epidemic in the early years. We were taught to work with our hands and heart to keep our mind off of the pain and constant struggles that we would endure to become a " normal " person in society.

My journey was a long one. I enjoyed every step taken, and those where I fell. I learned to walk again and to " never give up ", and today I am once again living with the past and bringing it into the present.

I am working with my hands doing needlework that I normally give away to people who have touched my life through this journey.

I hope that you enjoy your visit, and that you too will start a journey that may take you onto undiscovered paths, or in my case, fabrics, fiber, threads, embellishments, and any form of needleart that will leave my legacy in this world.

One of my major goals in life has been to privately learn each and every needlecraft technique and master this in one form or another and I have found that the beautiful art of crazy quilting leaves me the ability to at least try, and then decide if I want to invest more time in this span of my life.

Come on in, enjoy some of the pictures that will be loaded up soon, and ask questions, enjoy and be a part of someone else's life today.

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