Saturday, July 15, 2006

This is a small 6.5" crazy quilt block that I made as part of an on-going project for a lady who is struggling to get back on her feet following a stroke. I truly enjoyed making this block. I have worked with her patterns in the past and have heard some many wonderful things about her. I added the maple leaf under the the flower and re-embroidered the veins. I also was out shopping and found the most wonderful map Canada/USA combined and knowing she is american and I am canadian it seemed to fit right in. I also did some vintage leaves and a vintage flower and attached some small beads. I worked a tatted heart floating.......I also did some feather stitchng and let a trail of red sequins float across the block. Her colours woul dhave been vibrant and as a result of this project it has made me realize that what is beauty in other's eyes can soon become beauty in our own if we allow ourselves to stray from the regularities of our own choices.

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