Saturday, July 15, 2006

This is a picture of a doily that I have designed for my mother-in-law for her birthday. I used a pattern in a challenge for one triangle and then added the edging. I went back in and used a three- dimensional butterfly, as well as some roses and Irish crochet scrolls. The little picture sitting ont he side was made with leftover fabrics and ribbons and I call it " Carnival", as the ribbon ties on the base of the flowers remind me of " Mardi Gras ". Hand-dyed ribbons on this piece were dyed by Victoria Clayton.

Now I am off to see what can be done with some tracings I made last night of a new purse design for myself. I also was fortunate when I was out this morning for a hair style that I stopped into the local fabric store and got enough camoflage fleece to do seat covers for dh's jeep. Last weekend I surprised him and myself with a lined waterproof wheelcover.......and all from just using the pattern of an older one.

I truly love to sew, be it whatever form. I love to read to enrich my mind, and if this blog in any way encourages you to do either, it has met my personal goal.

Have a great day and " keep on stitching, one stitch at a time and soon you too will have more and more " Labours of Love ."

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