Sunday, July 16, 2006

Yesterday I picked up the tatting needle and tatted some small and large motifs to get me in the mood for working with different threads and textures again. The weather here is so hot and humid that this was the only activity that was cool enough to work on. I love working the little wreaths and small items as they fit so well into the embellishment of crazy quilting and silkribbon art. I have learned at lot and want to do some edgings for pillowcases, or perhaps just the ruffle on a series of fan blocks that I have been proctastinating about working.

I have one more boote to crochet on an heirloom christening gown and the slip to make to go under. I am so pleased and will hang this on my studio wall as it makes me feel good inside. In fact, I have already started another one in ecru this time and it is coming along well. I love vintage and heirloom clothing and may even have to dust off my pleater and get back into smocking again. My the needlearts that we teach and share.

Now that the housework is behind me I would like to work on something small, that would give me instant rewards when finished. I have a to do list and a box that is filled with items that would solve this problem, but then my heart is yearning to make another purse or at least a prayer pouch and paint some silk ribbon and threads.

I have been carefully following both Sharon B and her 100 stitches in 100 days and Pam Kellog in her 100 embellishments in 100 days and can hardly wait to start work on my blocks. I have two more small blocks that I want to finish first and then I will start and hopefully have a quilt of memories using each technique from each day.

Above is my Katrina block which I am proud to say went into Katrina Quilt # 3 and is now in the possession of a dear friend of mine who won it on a bid in ebay. I was pleased as what I had wanted to capture was the beauty and reality of what New Orleans meant to me before the devestation and Mardi Gras, beauty, music, jazz and all of that were captured in my work on this special block.

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