Monday, July 17, 2006

Today I would like to share with you an inspiratiion based on a half- doll project in Joan Watters book on silkribbon emrboidery. I started this project in the summer of 2005 and have just finished it this year. Yes, another ufo destined to be worked on when time permitted, and it appeared I was always searching for a half-doll

I used this fashion doll instead and was impressed with the tiara that she was already wearing, restyled her hair and decided to fit the dress rather than just drape it and drafted off patterns for the bodice, sleeves and joining the train to the dress. I used silk ribbons hand dyed by Eloise Gomez, and must admit they are like the pursest water running through your fingers when you chose to work with them. I also used beads from mill hill and threads from Thread Gatherer. The lace on the bottom of the train and skirt are from a piece of vintage lace sent to me by my friend " Carolyn ". I think it added dramatically to the dress.

I chose different colours and a lot more beadwork as my style is similar but not the same as that of the creator. She is an expert, I am a novice. The dress is lined and is made of silk, another piece gathered in a round robin of stash enhancements. I am so glad that I took the time to finish this little doll and now she sits proudly in my living room part of the month, and resting in my bedroom. I hope you will try to make a bridal beauty or prom queen from a half doll pattern.

Since creating this doll I have drafted a doll sized pattern of my daughter's wedding dress and want to re-create this in a doll form for a large shadow box for her. Her dress was handmade and I still have all of the trimmings, beads etc., but will have to work a smaller scale for her doll of life.

Have a great day and be creative so that a piece of you is always on line for inspiration.

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